EN1090 - Requirement for Products to be Sold in Europe

EN1090 for structural steel is a requirement for products to be sold in Europe. It is a harmonized standard that covers structural/construction steel and aluminium products, that are installed in a permanent manner.
Since July 2014, structural steelwork and aluminium fall under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which means aluminium or structural steel CE marking must be secured to show compliance with EN1090-1. EN1090 replaced the nationally applicable regulations, eg. in Germany DIN 18800-7 and DIN V 4113-3.
EN1090 consists of three parts:
EN1090-1 - Requirements for conformity assessment for structrual components (CE-Marking)
EN1090-2 - Technical requirement for the execution of steel structures
EN1090-3 - Technical requirement for the execution of aluminium structures
  • 认证要点及认证流程

    EN1090 认证是对钢(铝)结构企业体系的审核,主要考核企业的质量管控能力。其中主要包括:焊接人员资质、材质证书、质量管控文件、焊接体系建立、产品检测等。


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