International Supply Chain Management

China is one of an important exporter of manufactured goods in the global market. When a buyer from other countries purchasing in China, he/she will normally designate a trustworthy local company in project management.

Shop Audit: audit and eva luate the qualification and capability of a supplier under requirements of the client
Delivery Control: control the fabrication process and supervise the delivery process of products, so as to ensure all the fabrications and deliveries are within the time frame specified in contracts.
Document Control: review and control technical documents
Quality Assurance/Control Inspection on Manufacturing Process
Supervision of Loading: supervise the handling process of products, record with ALLMARK’s supervision procedure and then seal it
Final Inspection: witnessing the test relative to products according to requirements of the client and ITP
Schedule Supervision: supervise the production schedule, reporting to the client about the actual condition and existing issues
Consulting Service: provide professional advices in selecting suppliers with ALLMARK’s years of service experience in heavy industry
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